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"What's it like fighting losing battle?" That's a question Robin Brockelsby was confronted with soon after an MS diagnosis that threatened to take away all of the success and achievements she had worked for her entire life. Thanks to the support of several people in her life and her newfound hope in health and fitness, Robin has been able to overcome the odds and find the gifts hidden within an MS life.

Episode Notes

Robin Brockelsby is an Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Past President of Crisis Support Services of Nevada – which is 1 of 6 national crisis support lines in the US. She owns and operates multiple corporations in Northern Nevada – but her most important job is as a wife and mom to 3 teenagers. She is a two-time TEDx speaker with talks on "Overcoming Fear" and "How She is Living Her Best Life with Multiple Sclerosis", and was recently featured by Yahoo Entertainment & Lifestyle in their “Inspired By” series.

She uses her extensive training in crisis and stress management to educate, inspire and empower others to succeed in conquering their challenges & fears and contributes regularly to the cause of the MS Fitness Challenge

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