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The Best is Yet to Come | 010

Episode Summary

When it comes to battling MS, James Drake is an absolute beast! As an avid competitor at heart, James is always eager to put his abilities to the test. When he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, James realized that he had come to face-to-face with one of the biggest challenges of his life thus far. Thanks to his passionate faith in God and his resolute determination to fight MS through holistic health strategies, James has been able to accomplish incredible feats like competing on the Netflix hit series, 'Ultimate Beastmaster'.

Episode Notes

James Drake is an MS Warrior and to put simply: he’s a BEAST! He competed on the NETFLIX show, Ultimate Beastmaster and was the last American standing in the competition finals. Both he and his wife, Heidi, are certified fitness instructors and have a passion for competition. Whether it be triathlons, the Warrior Dashes, CrossFit competitions, or ultimate frisbee tournaments – they’re always finding ways to push their limits. James believes he was created to compete and is the executive of Cru City South Florida, a non-profit organization whose mission is connect people to Jesus Christ.

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