MS Fitness Challenge Podcast

The Accidental Triathlete Jeana Clary

Episode Summary

Jeana was diagnosed with MS 19 years ago. While not necessarily an "inactive" person before or after her diagnosis, it wasn’t until roughly 5 years ago that Jeana began her true fitness journey after receiving a road bike from a non-profit organization called Meat Fight. Something clicked after riding 150 miles over two days as part of her first BikeMS event; a spark had been ignited for what was first cycling, but soon led to pursuing other athletic goals including long-distance running and triathlons. She hopes that her endeavors will encourage others with MS to take on an epic challenge in whatever capacity! Jeana is from Dallas, Texas, where she lives with her husband and their two fur babies, rescue dogs Neko and Kermit. She works in education as a bilingual and ESL program manager, advocating for English language learners and families.

Episode Notes

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