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Support & Guidance | 004

Episode Summary

Kendra Lyons - the co-founder of the MS Fitness Challenge and wife of David Lyons, shares the story of how she met David and how her past experience as a nurse working with MS patients made an impact on her life. Her compassionate heart and keen awareness of David's potential would eventually lead her to motivate David to start the MS Fitness Challenge. She offers a glimpse of the widespread effect MS can have on the close family members and friends of those who have been diagnosed with the disease and provides some useful advice on how supporting cast members can not only help their loved ones manage and cope with the disease, but also focus on their own physical, mental, and emotional health as well.

Episode Notes

Kendra Lyons may very well be the reason the MS Fitness Challenge exists. After seeing the success and the impact David Lyons found through bodybuilding and fitness, she inspired him to start a charity that would go on to be a globally recognized banner of hope for people living with MS.

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