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Episode Summary

Matthew Embry is the director of the world-renowned documentary film, 'Living Proof'. After being diagnosed with MS at the early age of 19, Matthew heeded the advice and wisdom of his father's research to implement lifestyle changes that have kept his MS symptoms at bay for the past 25 years. In this episode, Matthew shares his motivation for directing the 'Living Proof' film as well as why fitness has become such an integral part of his everyday routine.

Episode Notes

Matthew Embry lives by "all-or-nothing" sort of mentality. His strict regimen requires the utmost levels of mental fortitude and discipline. His dramatic approach to managing his MS has led to dramatic results; he's lived symptom free from his MS for over 25 years. On a mission to tell the world about the hope people with MS can find in his lifestyle approach, Matthew directed the critically acclaimed film, Living Proof, which unabashedly proclaims the undeniable evidence of the impact Matthew's approach to living with MS can have. After learning about David Lyons through Facebook, Matthew reached out to him and set up a meeting that would end up being an eye-opening scene in his feature film. In this episode, Matthew breaks down the details of his unique lifestyle strategy and speaks about the hope that others can find by implementing his tactics.

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