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Nikki Reed-Feisty Challenger Of The Status Quo

Episode Summary

Nikki Reed has been managing MS for 17 years now. She was discharged from the Army National Guard after receiving her diagnosis in 2005. For the first 8 years of diagnosis, she was still running marathons and teaching high-intensity fitness classes. Around 2014 she went through the abandonment of herself and her 5 year old son, divorce, getting unjustly fired from her job of 10 years, and a move all in one year. Her health plummeted as her immune system fought her. Battling breast implant illness brought her unexplained weight gain, leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, food allergies, IBS, kidney stones, rashes and the worst part was having to stop teaching fitness classes. Two years of that nightmare began the journey of a drug-free, faith-filled, alternative way of healing after the explant in 2017. Changing her perspective on exercise and moving aside her ego has been another hard challenge through the last 9 years. She currently lives in North Carolina with her son. She has a positive, uplifting podcast called 3 Blondes 1 Battle, that is led by three ladies all managing MS. Her titles are health coach for a nutrition company, real estate broker, and the co-founder of Conservative Women of Forsyth County

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