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David Block is the founder and CEO of Previnex, a supplement company that produces premium, clinically proven health and wellness products and programs that help people live longer, healthier, more active lives. After he and his wife had their first child, David felt compelled to utilize the resources within Previnex to start tackling the crisis of child malnutrition that quietly runs rampant around the globe. Thanks to the "Get Health. Give Health." program, Previnex ships a bottle of premium children's vitamins to areas of the globe where children find themselves in desperate need of vital nutrients. In addition to his passion for children, health, and wellness - David also has a heart for doing good and adding value to others. The MS Fitness Challenge (MSFC) is proud to be partnered with Previnex as our premier supplement sponsor. This episode will explore David's background, the Previnex story, and how he became acquainted and involved with the MSFC.

Episode Notes

After spending several years as a research analyst for the health and wellness industry, David Block soon realized a significant disparity between the value proposition of most vitamins and minerals and the corresponding quality of the ingredients encapsulated within them. Determined to stand apart from the competition while also making a meaningful difference in the lives of others, David started the premium supplement company, Previnex. The company "believes everyone deserves the opportunity to live the longest, healthiest, most active life possible, and they believe that at their healthiest, people can make the greatest impact on their communities, families, and the world!"

By having a laser-focused approach to sourcing only the finest ingredients validated through vigorous research and testing, Previnex products deliver real and lasting results. Feeling purposed to make a difference in the world, David decided to carry the precepts of his "no compromise" attitude in life over to a philanthropic mission to fight for malnourished children and those that can’t fight for themselves.

Through the Previnex: "Get Health. Give Health." program, over 700,000 vitamins have been donated and delivered to children in Haiti, El Salvador, Peru and Guatemala. David's care for others has also been made evident by his willingness to partner with and support the MS Fitness Challenge.

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