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Dunk MS | 012

Episode Summary

Former UCLA basketball player Blake Arnet has had to deal with the effects of MS in a way that only few can relate to. Before anyone in his family could gather the strength to prepare themselves for a life-altering event, Blake's mother, Brigitte, would pass away due to MS complications only 2 years after her diagnosis (2009). Determined to enshrine her memory in a way that serves others, Blake founded the one-of-a-kind basketball extravaganza charity event: Dunk MS. On his quest to help find a cure for MS and to provide MSers with resources and hope to get them through their trials, Blake continues to be an inspiration and a great example of what determination and love can do.

Episode Notes

Blake Arnet is the founder of Dunk MS – an annual fundraiser that features a pro dunk showcase by the world's top dunkers all in support of MS research and youth basketball. His mother ended up passing away because of MS at the early age of 49. With his experience and skillset as a former UCLA college basketball player, sports coaching, and an entrepreneurial spirit, he founded Dunk MS with one mission on his mind: to find a cure for MS.

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