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Changing Up | 005

Episode Summary

Maureen Manley is the Director of Inspirational Wellness for the MS Fitness Challenge. She’s also a former world-class cyclist that has achieved gold medals within global competitions. An unfortunate diagnosis of MS occurred right before she had a chance to compete in the Olympics. After learning about herself and her limits, she discovered a newfound passion to inspire others to become the best versions of themselves. She now charts a new course in life that is focused on promoting the hope found within embracing the opportunities found within life’s challenges.

Episode Notes

Maureen Manley found herself primed to be competing at an elite level on the Olympic stage. MS would take all of that away from her – but it didn’t steal her identity. In fact, thanks to MS, Maureen has realized that her value and uniqueness doesn’t come from her achievements or physical abilities, but from her inner drive and spirit to become the best version of herself that she can possibly be. Maureen has taken her message of hope and inspiration across the globe as a public speaker. In this episode, she shares some amazing insights of what it takes to have the heart of a MS warrior.

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